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Head Line -2014/6/19-live in tsukimirukimiomofu Masaya Matsuura's live solo concert vol2, "hanashi-hanbun+", at Tsukimirukimiomofu in Tokyo Aoyama was a great success thanks to all of the support from everyone who came. Thanks again everyone! -2014/4/24-guruguru tamagochi The latest version of the popular 3DS title, "Guruguru-Tamagotchi", series has been released! Check it out!
-2014/4/20-live in takutaku In celebration of Masaya Matsuura's new record, a special live event「hanashi-hanbun+」is coming to Tokyo! Make sure to catch him on the 17th or 18th of June. For ticket and venue information please check the following links.
- 6/17(Tuesday)-
http://www.moonromantic.com/?p=19400 - 6/18(Wednesday)-
-2014/4/11-live in takutaku Matsuura Masaya's latest album, "beyooond!!!", comes in the form of analogue record with downloadable content. We've created a dedicated website where you can order "beyooond!!!" so be sure to pick up your very own copy too!

shopbeyooond!!! order form

Company overview
Name NanaOn-Sha co., ltd.
Address FRESCA Jingumae 101
2-4-7 Jingumae Shibuya-ku
Tokyo JAPAN 150-0001
Call +81 03-3475-0670
Work music,game,image,movie
planning and production
President Masaya Matsuura▼

The mission of NanaOn-Sha distills into ‘Shaping Fun’.

Unfortunately, it is not the case that the world is overflowing with fun experiences. However, real fun only comes when people come together with an honest desire to enjoy themselves.
NanaOn-Sha wishes for a world overflowing with fun, and to that end we work day by day creating products that can bring smiles to anyone, and any society.

How was NanaOn-Sha made? Like a fresh breeze spreading originality and fun, NanaOn-Sha has employed music, images, and games as a means to bring smiles to the world since 1993. Beginning with uniquely original games such as "PaRappa the Rapper" (for PlayStation, 1996) and more recently with the hit series "Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop" (for Nintendo DS, 2005~),NanaOn-Sha has extended it's project realm further; including the creation, development, and production of music for the Robot Pet AIBO, and CG animations for educational TV shows broadcasted nationwide. Dealing with such a broad variety of products, NanaOn-Sha is currently looking to expand its international activity as part of our continued exploration of originality.
Live in Tokyo Aoyama 2014/6/19 BitSummit2014 special live Haunt WINtA -huge hug-
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